Mitchell,Sporting the Hat.

He is the Person In charge of The Creeper Knight Operation's,Also known as TheCreeperKnight.He was raised in the Middle Of United Kingdom,other wise known as The West Midland's,In the small Town of Bloxwich.He Is also a Young Protege Actor,As well as an Script writer,He love's playing Halo:Reach,And Is Exicted for the Upcoming Halo 4.He has been known to be in contact with Storm Edge Production's,Headed by the Charasmatic Pete Saysell,A good friend of his.During His Life,He has dealt with many thing's,Being born with A Severe Heart Deffect,He Still live's Life to the Full.He Hope's to one day be a Successful Actor/Script writing,In his mean time he enjoy's Playing on Xbox Live Under the Alia's:Assasin Fox.He Plan's to attempt to make his Youtube channel successful,And Become a Sucessful Voice actor also,In the Progress.He is also a Moderately Ok Artist,Attempting to also draw Manga In Spare time,Otherwise he is either attempting to write Script's,On Xbox,Or Out with Friend's.Finally,Bringing this to a close,He Hope's to start soon writing the Full script for the Youtube serie's,Alongside with the Director of the Upcoming Film:Death Korp's,Made By Storm Edge Production's.