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NodinChan, the Entity of Will, who existed before the Time Before Time. Friend of Herobrine.

The Entity of Will.

The time before time, before the void was shaped, lived an Entity, NodinChan. Some consider him the Father of Herobrine, but the truth? Nobody knows. He watched Minecraftia grow and flourish, he stares into space and watches the past and the future. He foretells prophecies and rarely interfere unless neccessary.

Chan Siu Chun NodinEdit

Also known as Nodin Chan

Nodin Chan is a 15 year old male living in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong SAR. He codes, draws and also writes stories occasionally. He intends to start writing The Creeper Knight: Legend of the Blade of Creephite if he gets Mitchell Jay Barlow's permission.

He runs the NodinChan Page and the Blade of Creephite Page on Facebook: