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Noel recolors sprites for himself and various friends. His own is a recolored Gideon Graves.

Noel "MephilesAuditore" Wutzke is 16 year old male living in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada (where he does NOT live in an igloo). He is portraying a character in Mitchell Jay Barlow (A.K.A. TheCreeperKnight)'s upcoming Minecraft Adventure Series "TheCreeperKnight Adventure's". Mitchell and Noel are constantly disagreeing with each other, and argue a lot, usually insulting not only each other, but each other's Country and Culture (Mitchell has once asked Noel if he could borrow his parka, which Noel made a comeback by asking if he could scrape some of the yellow coating from Mitchell's teeth for butter in exchange for the Parka.). Noel and Mitchell, although they insult, berate, and belittle each other constantly, are good friends who don't talk alot (Noel lives in Canada, and Mitchell the UK). Involving the series, Noel makes suggestions to Mitchell, but otherwise he leaves it to Mitchell.

He is the founder of this wiki (but he forgot the password for the FOUNDER account), and runs the Facebook page named "Nyctix, Incarnate of Darkness".

His Minecraft username is MephilesAuditore.

He is usually seen either on xbox or on the computer with friends