Jeff Pilgrim Portrait

Noel recolored a Scott Pilgrim sprite for RussW. Getting the right colors took 3 hours. RussW hasn't seen it yet, but if he doesn't like it, sucks to be him.

RussW is the friend of y0d0g and Noel "MephilesAuditore" Wutzke. Noel met RussW over xbox live during a round of zombies in Kino Der Toten on Call of Duty: Black Ops, where Noel also met TheOnlyKC. Russ later introduced Noel to friends y0d0g and KING OF VALOR (whose name had been somerandomzombie at the time, but I forgot how to spell it)

Noel and RussW are usually seen playing most games together. They started a server together (Which has finally been updated to a 1.8.1 bukkit server instead of a 1.8.1 Vanilla Server), and have made plans to make it public. While working on the server, RussW dug a hole till he was 5 blocks above bedrock, then started digging out a giant room. When Noel got down, they found a diamond black, and dug around it, only to find that the one diamond block was connected (In a vein, I might add) to 5 other blocks. They decided not to destroy it, and instead made it the "Holy Diamond". When playing on survival maps, RussW usually takes more risk than Noel, and usually dies more than Neol does, but dies far less than yodog, who is a natural Creeper magnet.