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The Creeper Knight. Main Hero Character in "The Creeper Knight Adventure's". He fights for peace against Nyctix in Minecraftia.

The Templar Hero.

Robbed of his childhood by Nyctix who, at the time was disquised as a traveling merchant named Blade, burned down his village and killed the majority of his village. Fortunatly, he was rescued by the Templars who resided in a hidden fortress nearby. He was startled to learn that he was the only survivour of Nyctix's attack.

Afterward's,The Templar's Started training him to become A Templar Night,he was once sent along on an adventure with fellow templar,Along which he become a Fully Flegded Templar-Knight,At the end of the adventure,He Found the blade of Creephite in an Temple known as "Cloud Foundation's"Upon Grabbing it,To lift it,The Creeper Knight,Then Known As Mitchell,Pulled it out,It activated the room's closapsed,Upon which,The Creephite blade detected he was somewhat of two Chosen Wielder's,And Saved him,By turning him into A Creeper,He Then Blasted his way out of Cloud Foundation's,Losing the Blade along the way,He then adeventured back to The Templar Fortress,His Home since the Village Burning,Which was then known as "EverStave"Which he was imediately informed that the Templar order was in Ruin,And it had been Five year's since he woke up from the transformation,He,Decided to Hunt the Thing Who assassinated the Leader of the order,On a Long travel,Which would Uncloud his Past,And Reveal the man as Nyctix.Along His Travel's,he Shall befriend Many,And Make Enemy's To,He will Defend town's from corrupt Mayor's,Help Drunken Bard's,And Stop Defient Assassin's.